Plan your routes.

Plan your pickup or delivery route fastly. Created routes share with your drivers. If you want you can edit the route manually. Solve your logistics problems easily.

Logistics Route Planning
Routingo Navigation for Driver

Integrate with Your Drivers

Your routes are shared instantly with your drivers as navigation. All you need to do is to download our mobile application.

See all the route in list or map.

Provide transportation via Google, Yandex or Routingo Navigation.

See the delivery details.

Notify the delivery status with one button.

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Live Delivery Tracking Screen

Live Cargo Tracking App for your customers

Provide live cargo tracking service to your customers with using your logo. Increase your logistics brand value.

Real-time delivery tracking with simple graphics interface

Show to Eastimated Arriving Time

Customizable logo and texts.

If you want, embed your webpage.

Proof of Delivery mobile app screen

Proof of Delivery

Request customer signature for successful pickup, delivery or task operations. Customer sign collects easily with Routingo Driver mobile app.

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Delivery Tracking Screen

Track the deliveries lively

Track the delivery status and location of the vehicles.

Real-time delivery tracking with simple graphics interface

See the delivered, could not delivered and suspending missions

See the distances of the vehicles to the delivery points

See your vehicles that delivered late or early

Start Live Delivery Tracking
Drag & Drop

Enterprise Delivery Memory

Don't forget any delivery with Routingo Enterprise Delivery Memory. You can access all deliveries details anytime.

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Delivery Tracking Screen

Inspect your logistics operations

You can get detailed information about your logistics company's operations with Routingo Analytics.

Total routes length in any date range

Cost Per Delivery

Vehicle capacity ratio

Late deliveries ratio

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The easiest way to increase productivity in field operations: Routingo.

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