Route optimization from Excel(xls,csv)


Add the Delivery Points

The points where your vehicles need to deliver need to be added to Routingo. You can transfer the data entrance to Routingo with drag and drop method with the outputs that you can obtain from database such as .csv, .xlsx or ERP, CRM.



Just clicking "Route!" button after data entrance, optimized routes that have been modified according to the conditions you wanted is created in a shorter time than 1 minute.

Routingo Online Routing
Routingo Routing and Navigation


Share the Routes with Your Drivers

The created routes will be automatically shared with your drivers. Yes, you do not need to do anything. All the thing that your drivers need to do is to download the Routingo application.


Manage the Deliveries and Analyze

Your drivers notify about the latest status of the deliveries via our mobile application. You can see these changes instantly in the tracking screen. In addition, you can carry out delivery inquiries retroactively and analytical reportings.

Routingo Routing Software Real Time Delivery Tracking

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