Manage Your Delivery Process

Routingo is not only a routing software. Routingo is also a cloud based solution planning your routes, tracking the field delivery process in real-time and then carrying out reporting regarding the deliveries.

Advanced Routing

Create routes providing vehicle capacity, time window and your other criteria.


You can track the delivery process second by second with the real-time vehicle and delivery tracking features.

Delivery Memory

You can inquiry all the deliveries carried out in the past, you can take precaution against possible problems.


Create reports during and after delivery with several parameters.

Routing Software with Navigation

General Features

We always serve these features to gain your love and trust.

Cloud Tech

Reach your data from all your devices, independent from the platform.


All your data is always processed with SSL certificates. You are safe.

Periodical Back-up

You do not have data loss risk thanks to our regular back-ups.

Simple interface

Simple design that does not strain the eyes, everything is at your disposal.


It is suitable to customize in line with your needs.


We are always with you, both for your opinions and questions.

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